Make Your Own Dildo

Turn Your or Your Partners Dick into a working Dildo Or Vibrator

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What could be more fun than having an exact copy of your partners dick with when wherever you want it. Gift the gift you know she'll love. Its even fun to make your own dildo together. Just set the kit up - get hard, or do what you do to get your partner hard and enjoy making an exact mould of your dick. You can even get kits to make your own vibrator from his dick or candle or chocolate dildo. You can get dirty while you get clean by rubbing a soap version of your mans cock all over your body.

We have found some of the best fun make your own dildo kits out there at the best prices. The clone a willy kits are the most popular but there are other options too. These make a great valentines gift or Christmas gift or even birthday presents. Of course they make great surprise present too. Maybe you could even make one together before she goes you or her goes away on holiday.

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